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    Calculate deadlines automatically in Microsoft 365 with LawToolBox

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    Manually calculating deadlines is risky. Missed deadlines are the number one cause of malpractice according to the ABA. And lawyers have a 17% chance of being sued for malpractice each year. Meanwhile, paralegals may spend hours entering deadlines into calendars one by one which takes time away from more important work and introduces human error that could cost you a client or even your career.

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    Does your firm use a different calendaring platform? You can add LawToolBox deadlines to Google, iCal, or any calendar in seconds.

    Moreover, you can integrate the LawToolBox deadline calculator with your case management platform or add deadlines to your document management system to centralize docketing in your current software suite. LawToolBox deadlines integrate with leading software including Actionstep, Centerbase, iManage, InfoTrack, LEAP, Netdocs, Practice Panther, Rocket Matter, Smokeball, Soluno, Time Matters, Worldox, Zola, and more!

    Here are the top 5 reasons why thousands of law firms use LawToolBox:

    • Prevent malpractice claims from missed deadlines
    • Reduce risk with automatic updates when court rules change
    • Eliminate errors from manual calendaring
    • Save time with automated legal calendaring
    • Earn a discount on malpractice insurance premiums with electronic docketing

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    How it works

    LawToolBox is built natively into Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and can be enabled in leading case management platforms. To set up a legal matter, simply enter the basic case information, select the venue, and enter a trigger event, such as the date the complaint was served or the date the trial begins.

    Once the trigger is set, LawToolBox automatically calculates all the deadlines and generates a detailed list that shows each deadline as well as links to the authority on which it is based. Next, the deadlines are automatically synced to selected calendars. You can customize how these are displayed and hide any irrelevant deadlines. Mark deadlines as all-day events in your calendar, as tasks on your task list, or both. Depositions, court appearances, and specific events can be scheduled as appointments. You can also modify when and how reminders appear within Outlook.

    In addition to calendaring deadlines, LawToolBox sends email reminders and updates calendars automatically when court rules change. Many of these alerts include brief practice suggestions for the specific deadline, as well as links to relevant rules.

    Additionally, here are 18 more benefits of automated legal calendaring:

    • Automate your calendaring workflow.
    • Save time with centralized deadline management.
    • Get reminders for all your deadlines.
    • Keep track of deadlines without the hassle.
    • Get notified when a deadline is coming up so you can prepare for it in advance.
    • Never miss a deadline with automatic calendar updates when rules change.
    • Keep organized with a central shared calendar.
    • Transform M365 into a matter management solution.
    • Onboard clients and manage contacts.
    • Save emails and documents to each matter.
    • Expanded search for files across your entire M365 tenant.
    • Automatically create folders, calendars, and Teams for each matter.
    • Customize deadlines for your practice.
    • Track who changed what deadline and when.
    • Filter deadlines by trigger date.
    • Access matter analytics and reporting.
    • Automatically tag calendar events for easy search and reporting.
    • Easily add, remove, or hide deadlines and set custom calendaring rules.

    LawToolBox legal calendaring saves time, reduces risk, and eliminates human error. Firm calendars can be automated so that paralegals, legal assistants, secretaries, or attorneys have an easier time calculating deadlines in advance. This will reduce the number of missed deadlines which are a common cause of malpractice. In addition, it will save attorneys from having to enter deadlines manually into their calendars.

    LawToolBox is the #1 legal add-in for Microsoft 365

    LawToolBox is built natively into Microsoft 365 for easier deadline calculating in the software legal professionals use every day. By leveraging Microsoft's enterprise-grade security, all your data is kept safe inside your own tenant.

    As winner of the 2021 Microsoft Commercial Marketplace Partner of the Year Finalist award and "Best Integration" in the Office App awards, LawToolBox has earned industry recognition for being the leading legal add-in for Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and Sharepoint.

    Checkout the entire list of Honors & Awards here.

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